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The PotLuck Society is a group of interested and interesting women who get together to talk about things we don’t normally have an opportunity to talk about. We create a non-judgemental place where diverse women of all kinds can learn, laugh and connect. Membership is open to all women who are interested!

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Our Next Event:

Sunday, October 21, 2018:
“Trauma from Family Separations”

In our relationships with family, friends or colleagues, we may know children who have been separated from their parents due to a death, incarceration or a military deployment. Many of us are aware of research describing the disturbing effects of when a child is separated from his/her parents. Sadly, we are now witnessing how our government’s immigration policy is purposely separating children from parents without consideration for the devastating consequences this may have on a significant number of youth. In order to be better informed about the traumatic effects of forcibly separating children from their mothers/parents, the Potluck Society is hosting a presentation on this topic.

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Meet some of our past speakers…

Meg Cox

Dr. Amaney Jamal

Barbara Flythe
Activist & Educator

Arshe Ahmed
Program Coordinator

Susan Rovello

Scotia MacRaer
Author & Editor

Michele Minter
University Vice-Provost

Cristina Racchella
Chef & Teacher

Beverly Mills & Sharon “Elaine” Buck
Speakers & Authors